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Silencify - Location


If your answer is yes for any question below, Silencify is there for you.
  1. Do you want your phone to be silent at your work or your home ?
  2. Are you a movie person frequently visiting your favorite theater ?
  3. Do you want you phone  to be silent when you annually visit docs office for checkups ?

This allows you to add a location. This silences your phone half mile around any selected location and obviously any calls/notification half mile around that location are silenced. 

I have pre-loaded it with some location I think would be most commonly used.


Gotach ... Don't wory I dont have my home/office location in there. Don't want people chasing me down, Any Thanks/Suggestions/Question/Complains/Swear word can be directed to my mail




Its complicated to ensure that a human is reading this.