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Always Accept/Reject

Finally no matter what you sometime just need to pick up that one important call, or always silence annoying marketing or call from someone.


Maintain 2 different call lists.


Always Accept - Just add a contact/number to "Always Accept" and Silencify will make sure it *does not* do what it normally does ... You are probably wondering "That does not make any sense". This lets you add a specific contact/number to always accept list so any calls from that number always rings no matter what.


You definitely dont want being yelled at by your better half when you were in a meeting and she was stuck with a flat tire. 


Always Reject - Just add a contact/number to "Always Reject" and Silencify will make sure it strictly does not do what it supposed to do. Any calls from such numbers will be silenced and you wont be ever disturbed with such calls.